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Little Angels Academy Computer Training




Answer:  The best introduction to the computer will come when your child expresses and indicates an interest in learning more about how it works and what it does, answer his/her questions with simple sentences.


Tips on Teaching Typing Skills to Toddlers


When your child is a toddler this is usually the best age to start introducing him/her to  some basic computer typing skills. The other benefit is, it will help him/her to become even more familiar with letters at the same time. 


To get started, sit your toddler on your lap in front of the computer keyboard.  You will want to next open up a simple word document and make the print very large and use a bright color. You will want something that really stands out so that it will help to hold your toddler's attention. Next have your child pick a letter on the keyboard and allow him/her to push the button of the letter he/she chooses. They will then see it pop up on the screen. 


Be sure to say each letter as your child types it. Most toddlers will be very excited about the fact that they are starting to use the computer. Once you have done this for about ten minutes, or until your child shows interest to move on, you can then move on to something else. Be sure to take the time and print out all of the letters your child types. If you don't want to print them all, you can transition to the next project.

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