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Little Angels Academy Music Program


Children who are enrolled in Little Angels Academy ages 3-5 receive free music lessons by a professional music instructor. 


According to the former U.S. Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley, every child should be exposed to the arts.


Benefits of Enrolling Your Child In Music


Children enrolled in Little Angels Academy music program get the quality care and attention that guarantee transformational growth.  Literally, the parents and staff of Little Angels Academy see the lives of children make a miraculous turn around in their overall scholastic achievement, behaviour and social development.


State of the Arts Quality Training


The music education program has maintained its level of efficacy in providing professional service to students enrolled.  The students are well grounded in music theory (read and write musical notes and symbols); they are well versed in their knowledge of the various instruments such as:  the piano, hand bells, recorders, percussion instruments and are provided quality voice training.


Development of Social and Emotional Skills 


The students in our music program are given various opportunities to display talents learned through our music program.  Such presentations involve singing, playing hand bells, playing the recorder instruments and piano solo performances.  These wonderful opportunities help to develop within each child social and emotional skills that will help them all throughout life.  


Development of Interdisciplinary Skills 


The disciplines instilled during our music classes are made evident in the overall performance of each student enrolled.   It is proven that music is an interdisciplinary art that affects the overall educational development of each child involved producing greater results in intellectual reasoning, writing, science and mathematical skills.


Music As An Enjoyment 


Children love music and should not be denied the privilege of learning this art.  The students enrolled in the LAA music program are enthused about music.  On a daily basis, they anxiously await their turn for private individualized piano lessons and music classes.      


Further Studies and Opportunities


Upon graduation from Little Angels Academy, each student enrolled in our music program is equipped with the ability to audition for elementary schools that have magnet programs or specialize in the performing arts. Each parent is encouraged to seek out such ecucational centers, thus exposing their children to greater opportunities.

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